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Quality. Service. Sustainable Sourcing.

New York Spice distributes wide-ranging assortment of Kasuku™ products spanning spices, herbs, blends and superfoods! Through careful sourcing, innovation, and collaboration, we bring global foods and flavors with unmatched quality and excitement to our customers.

through innovation

New York Spice is based in Buffalo, NY. Owned and operated by the Shah family, New York Spice has long applied an innovation-based strategy to maintain its place in the upper tier of the specialty foods industry.

Superior product
quality by design 

New York Spice combines expertise in global commodity sourcing with technology-forward processing equipment, advanced logistics systems and human talent. Our factories are purpose-built to move a rich variety of goods in their freshest possible state at volume across multiple borders. We offer a vast, ever-growing product line of Kasuku™ seasonings and superfoods.

Legacies must be earned

Our place in the food industry came through the creation of businesses built to endure. We aim to offer Americans products and services that help them live healthy, enjoyable lives. This outlook translates to the way we approach commerce, with an emphasis on mutual benefit among partners, employees and family.

We care where our products come from

We give customers the confidence that they are receiving exceptional product quality, selection, and service in an ethical way. Our objective is responsible sourcing. We support co-operatives and farmers and ensure fair pricing.

To be a premier gateway
to the global world of food and flavor.

With strong relationships formed in over 40 countries across the world, including a well-established global broker network in Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam.

Shashi world ingredient map

From the travel
journals of Ajay Shah

Excerpt from the worldwide sourcing
adventures of the Shah family

Once embarking on a trip to Asia, after just finishing stops in Hong Kong and China, it was time to hit the country of Vietnam. It would only be fitting to stop and learn about the world’s most popular spice, from the world’s largest exporter of pepper. Learning about pepper was an eye opening experience, straight from the source. Farmers, processors, and exporters work individually, yet altogether, since the government releases export quantities of individual exporters for the world to see. 

Over 4 days, visiting 9 companies in Dac Lac province, the predominant processing area for pepper, I was able to see many different styles and qualities of procurement of pepper. One of the most amazing things about coming to Vietnam was understanding that green, black and white pepper come from the same berry, but cultivated at different times. 

Green peppercorns are usually only cultivated and kept in brine. Other green peppercorns are then sundried and become black pepper. Whereas white pepper is actually a fermented peppercorn, where the skin falls off and then dried. This gives it an earthy, skunky smell, but is used in Asian cuisine majority of the time. 

Leaving back from processing plants in Dac Lac and heading back to my hotel, the old French colony of Vietnam has beautiful aromas of baguettes swirling around the streets, while enjoying the Vietnamese sandwiches that took all the earthy smells away from the factories, and then enjoying delectable cuisine in Saigon City, now known as Ho Chi Minh City!