Thinking retail? Go big. We’ve got your back.

You’ve perfected something – a magic flavor combo, a secret weapon, a super- differentiator – and are ready to monetize your creative muscle. Shashi is here to help you make that a reality. From packaging, milling and blending, we stand ready to steward your ideas from “what if ?” through to large-scale production. 

In retail, packaging is second only to what’s inside. We take care of both.

As we engineer the production portion of your retail concept, we collaborate with you on packaging approaches that ensure efficient bulk-shipping while maintaining the freshness, quality and integrity of the product within. As providers of novel packaging ideas, we operate a technology-driven auto-packing system. Packaging options we provide include bottles, jugs, bulk cases, bulk boxes and bulk totes bespoke-suited to new, existing or white-label brands.

Solving problems, opening new markets.

We have pretty spicy roots. Our roots were about bringing hard-to-find products to market for a growing population of new immigrants who wanted to cook traditional recipes, but couldn’t find the ingredients. It remains why many of our customers come to us for inventive solutions to their retail aspirations. To us, the more exotic and unprecedented the challenge, the more delighted we are to take it on.