Food safety: “Good enough” is not in our vocabulary.

We offer two methods of sterilization to eliminate, remove, kill, or deactivate any microorganisms or pathogens that pose threats to the quality of our conventional and organic products. Vinyl is a division of Shashi Foods, offering both custom toll processing of nuts, grains, and seeds, as well as finished good supplies.


Conventional Sterilization Process
Shashi Foods is among a handful of companies in North America to offer an in-house micro-reduction sterilization system. Applied to our conventional grains, seeds, and nuts, EtO is a widely-known, standard sterilization approach used in the spices industry to eliminate any microorganisms that remain following the production or packaging processes.


Organic Sterilization Process
Our grains, seeds and nuts offer a separate sterilization process called VT PURETM. It is the only organic, non-thermal pasteurization method that preserves the integrity of the product without compromise. VT PURETM uniformly eliminates pathogens on the foods’ surfaces that can harbor harmful micro-organisms.